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In August 2008 the British Medical Journal published the results of a large randomised control trial comparing the effects of Alexander Technique lessons with massage and GP prescribed exercise. The results confirmed the long-term benefit of learning Alexander Technique for chronic and recurrent back-pain sufferers. Patients who followed the series of 24 AT lessons benefited the most and showed considerable improvements in function, quality of life and a reduction in the number of days they suffered pain. Furthermore it was shown that one year after the trial started, the average number of activities limited by back pain had fallen by 42 per cent, and the number of days in pain was only three a month compared with 21 days in the control group, proving that even after lessons had finished patients were able to carry on using what they had learnt to help themselves.

The BMJ video is on the Home page of this website. You can also download the full PDF report by clicking on this link.

Other research into the Alexander Technique:

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Tribute to the Alexander Technique

Ethology and Stress Diseases, Nobel Prize winner Nicholas Tinbergen's acceptance speech in which he discusses the benefits of the Alexander Technique in 1972.

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