The Alexander Technique for pregnancy

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Lessons in the Alexander Technique are an excellent preparation for pregnancy and childbirth. The Technique is gentle and safe to learn in pregnancy. It is best to begin lessons early so that you gradually begin to incorporate the technique into your daily life before using it in the more extreme and challenging situation of giving birth.

Good for you, good for your baby

Learning to sit, stand and move with greater ease and balance will help you adjust to your shifting centre of gravity and take the pressure off your back and joints.

When you use yourself well the baby has more space to grow and will be more likely to get into the optimal position for birth (head down).

During labour

Many of the positions you learn in an Alexander lesson are very useful in labour as they use gravity to assist the baby's descent through the birth canal. Breathing out gently through contractions will help you cope with the pain so that you don't react by tightening up even more and making it worse.

Looking after yourself and your baby post-birth

The technique can help you cope with the demands of looking after a baby - helping you conserve your energy and use your body without unnecessary strain as you lift, carry and nurse your baby.

Learning to look after your back and sitting in a balanced way will help you avoid tightening up in your shoulders and arms as you feed your baby.

The semi-supine position is an important part of lessons and once learnt, you can practise daily to help let go of accumulated tension and re-energise yourself.

Recommended books on the Alexander Technique and Childbirth:

The Alexander Technique Birth Book, Ilana Machover and Angela & Jonathan Drake, Robinson Publishing (1993)

The Alexander Technique for Pregnancy and Childbirth, Brita Forsstrom and Mel Hampson, Victor Gollancz (1995)

Further information

The Alexander Technique in Natural Childbirth and Natural Labour Pains by Ilana Machover

The Alexander Technique Birth Book, Ilana Machover and Angela & Jonathan Drake, Robinson Publishing (1993)

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Sitting in balance

Standing in balance

Resting on gym ball in between contractions

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